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While no map can fully undistort the land, it can sacrifice distortion in some areas to clarify it in others.

Display TypesEdit

  1. Orthographic Projection-Displays earth from a distance
  2. Gnomonic Projection-Has its center at the center of the globe
  3. Lambert Azimuthal Equal-area Projection-True-Area properties
  4. Conic Projection- A Globe made into a cone, layed out, and given grids to form a map.
  5. Lambert Conformal Conic Projection-Two parallels that show a true global proportion.
  6. Polyconic Projection-Uses cones to establish parallels
  7. Mercator Projection-Most commonly used; flat, square map with more distortion near the poles.

Different Map types show different things and different information

Map TypesEdit

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