The Arab Maghreb Union (AMU) is a trade agreement aiming for an economic and future political unity among Arab countries of the Maghreb in North Africa. Its membership is the countries Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia.

The union is inactive and frozen due to deep political and economical disagreements between Morocco and Algeria regarding, among others, the issue of Western Sahara.

Members Edit

Country Area (km²) Population
(millions, 2011)
(USD, per capita)
GDP (nominal)
(billions USD)
HDI (2011)
Algeria 2,381,741 37.1 7,200 183.4 0.698 (high)
Libya 1,759,540 6.7 14,100 177.9 0.760 (high)
Mauritania 1,025,520 3.4 2,200 4 0.453 (low)
Morocco 710 850 32.3 5,100 103.8 0.582 (medium)
Tunisia 163,610 10.7 9,500 48.9 0.698 (high)
AMU 6,041,261 88.5 7000 516

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